Since all your customers are online, it makes sense to cultivate a strong internet presence with a web application that’s unique to your business. If you aren’t sure what a “custom web app” is, that’s OK—in fact, it makes a lot of sense! There are several types of web apps, from content management systems to business process automation systems.

There are also web apps that can do multiple things—it all depends on what you need your web app to do for you. Read on to learn the top three reasons to build a custom web app for your business.

1. Specific to You

It’s no secret that you can find generic web applications that can do some of the things you’d want your web app to do, but they aren’t tailored to your business. That means you’ll miss out on features, and you may not get to enjoy efficient processes. A custom web app solves all those problems since you can dictate exactly what your application can do.

2. Protected Data

One of the most important features of a custom web application is security. The best web app designers will store all your data in remote servers. This will protect you if your devices are stolen or lost. Many commercial apps are big targets for hackers, and some don’t have top-notch security—trusting your information to a commercial application could lead to trouble.

3. Economical

Purchasing commercial software usually requires costly monthly upkeep and licensing, while a custom web app will save you money over time. There’s no bloat or unnecessary features when you design an app with a custom application builder. Because it’s your app, there’s no one you need to pay to use it!

Now that you know the top three reasons to build a custom web app for your business, do what’s best for your company and make a web app that simplifies everything!

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