When you want to simplify your company’s processes, you should switch from disparate systems to a single Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. When you want to take the upgrade one step further, forego an on-site system and use a cloud-based ERP. Read on to discover five reasons to move to a cloud ERP system solution.

Reduced Cost

With a physical system, you need to pay an electric bill, maintenance costs, support fees, and more, but none of those costs are a factor when you switch to the cloud. Most of the time, you can save around 20 percent on expenses after you make the switch to a cloud ERP system.


You need to hire experts when the time comes to upgrade or maintain on-site ERP systems, which can become costly. With a cloud-based ERP, you pay for the system and the service; all the updates and maintenance are taken care of, meaning you don’t even need to think about them.

High Security

Cloud-based services are loaded with the best encryption on the market. While some people worry about cloud systems having less security, it’s actually on-premises systems that pose the greater threat. Hacking isn’t a concern when you put your data into cloud ERP servers located in highly secure facilities.

Real-Time Information

Businesses need access to the latest information seconds after it comes out. After all, how can you hope to stay agile and mobile in this fast-paced world without quick access to new information? With a cloud-based ERP system, you never need to worry about making decisions based on old news.

Easy Accessibility

Do you want to use your ERP software on a desktop computer? Easy. What about on a tablet, phone, or laptop? No matter where you are, your ERP system is ready to access. And with teams all over the world switching to remote work, cloud-based ERP solutions are a gift that keeps on giving.

Now that you know these five reasons to move to a cloud ERP system solution, make the switch yourself to start seeing instant productivity benefits!

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