A good web application builder can be the difference between a functional user interface that your customers enjoy and one that’s so difficult to parse that you lose clients. You shouldn’t need to fight your application builder when you want to make a change—it should work with you. Read on to discover the four characteristics of a great smart bot application builder.


An application builder that does precisely what you want it to do 70 percent of the time is not a good one. You want a builder that you can keep returning to and getting the same great results repeatedly. This can mean an app builder that doesn’t crash or one with excellent customer support. Either way, reliability is one of the four keys to a great builder.


Today, data security is of the utmost importance. No one wants to add personal information to a site that may be prone to malicious attacks, so if you use a web application known for weak security, it may affect your sales.


One of the biggest turn-offs when using a website is slow performance. It’s enough to convince the average user to close the window and find an alternative! Make sure your web app has excellent performance to avoid this outcome.


User experience is everything in a drag-and-drop app builder. That’s not to say that a great app builder can’t be complex or packed with features, but everything should have its place and be intuitive. When you think to yourself, “I wish I could make this happen,” and the app builder has a simple path to that outcome, you’ll enjoy your experience more while getting the results you want.

Now that you know these four characteristics of a great smart bot application builder, make sure your app builder is as intuitive as you need it to be. It shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth when you try and perform a simple development task—you and your application builder should work in perfect harmony.

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