A Fortune 500 Pharma Company’s successful journey on Master Data Deduplication

A Fortune 500 Pharma Company’s successful journey on Master Data Deduplication

With being one of the data-dominated industries, the pharma industry comes across various data management challenges. The regulatory compliance standards, document submissions, changes in SOP processes, mass data inputs in both domains of vendor details and patient details leads to duplicates & incorrect data entries, and complexities in financial architecture in regards to receipts, bill payments, and other purchase information.

For the next pandemic years, having a single source of truth or consolidated Master Data for the whole pharmaceutical sector is becoming increasingly important

How ChainSys streamline a Pharma company’s Master Data?

ChainSys’ dataZen provides a single source of truth to materials, customers, suppliers, formula, receipt, bills of material, pricing, equipment, and real-time data at scale to accelerate research and development and also to improve their time-to-market.

dataZen’s Master Data Management principles

  • A Single Platform for Data Quality Management (DQM), Data Governance & Master Data Management (MDM)
  • A multi-domain strategy ensures that nothing is overlooked
  • Configurable and agile, with very little or no programming
  • Built-in Data Quality, Profiling, Deduplication, Consolidation, and more
  • Easy to build workflows for Data Governance

How dataZen stimulates and reduces complexity with health care data?

ChainSys’ dataZen solution offers a flexible and minimalist business workflow, qualitatively distinguished data, a centralized customer hub for simpler form submissions, and an automated business rules engine to eliminate manual procedures.
Learn how dataZen benefited a fortune 500 pharmaceutical firm!

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